Heavy Duty Hose Clamps - Stainless Steel (W4)

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High Quality Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

Stainless Steel (W4)


32-35mm (Band Width 20mm)

40-43mm (Band Width 20mm)

44-47mm (Band Width 22mm)

52-55mm (Band Width 22mm)

56-59mm (Band Width 22mm)

60-63mm (Band Width 22mm)

64-67mm (Band Width 22mm)

68-73mm (Band Width 24mm)

74-79mm (Band Width 24mm)

80-85mm (Band Width 24mm)

86-91mm (Band Width 24mm)

92-97mm (Band Width 24mm)

98-103mm (Band Width 24mm)

104-112mm (Band Width 24mm)

113-121mm (Band Width 24mm)

Please Note : When calculating size for use with silicone hoses use the external diameter of the silicone hose (hose internal diameter + 2 x wall thickness)